You know this is not supposed to be happen,
I should not be there..
I should not be the reason for your divorce..


I love you both as my bestie,
I give my soul to you,
and I swear to bury my feeling inside,
to see you happy forever,
and I would never see another tears ever

It won’t make me happy,
our love is not for granted,
I devoted my chance to her already,
there was no room for us,
and I saw that sign anyway,
nothing left between us,
you know I’m gone..


I should not be reason behind your divorce,
how could I accept this,
You know I will always be here for you in need,
but it’s my shadow,
you can’t expect more, 

poetry, poem, love, broken heart, unconditional love, sad

(c) FanPop

 Don’t let her go,
Look at your life,
She is the pieces of your heart,
She is the puzzle of your future home,
She is the one will be your angel in heaven,
and I’m here to look at..
feeling proud that you have her,
though I hide my tears,


I’m strong enough to stand without you,
but you’re her life..
without you, she is dying..


Hold her, never let her waste,
She is your queen in heaven,
I’m just fine here,
watching you from my dark cloud
God promises me that we’ll get together in the next life,
He won’t lie..
so you should know..
I’m just fine here…