“Believe you can and you’re halfway there”

~ Theodore Roosevelt

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I believe you’re not the only one who feel this quote is immensely encouraging. I always feel it’s true, that we must start it with believe on everything. As Theodore Roosevelt said, when you believe you can, you’re halfway there. If you do things you believe it’s not profitable, you better leave it and change your direction.


You must have real vision and take real action after this first step. To believe is important, but it would means nothing without developing your vision and start your very first action. Build yourself with good foundation and rise your wings to reach higher place. You can have company if you find it helpful. But if you like to fly alone, it’s not a big deal too. You still can do it whilst you have that faith!


Is it What You Want or What They Want?

This is very critical question since I met so many people doing things that actually doesn’t excite them, but they keep do it for the shake of their parent, husband or boyfriend. Oh, hay, I know it’s good to listen advise from our loved ones. You can collect advise from anyone but it should be back to you to become the only who deserve to decide it. You should not follow somebody’s advises that actually contrary with your inner voice. You can’t betray your inner voice!


Indeed, following your own choice does not guarantee a success. However, whether it’s success or fail, it’s yoru choice. Better know this risk and you establish yourself to dare the challenge. It’s not always a lot of fun. At the end of the day, when you start to see good result, you will realize that taking your own decision is the best decision ever. You no need to apologize for your failure anymore.


Have No Doubt in Decision You Take

The most important is to have no doubt in taking your own decision. If you decide to take it, you must put your 100% faith and you’re ready with the risk following it. You will know failure may occur, but you know it’s just a while to train you be a tougher troop toward your future.