“Be happy with what you have and are,

be generous with both and you won’t have to hunt for happiness”

~ William E. Gladstone

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Happiness is what you feel, not what people think. Some people forget how much they have when they start comparing what they don’t have to others. When you do it once, perhaps it doesn’t affect you much. However, when the consecutive minds thinking these same things over and over again, it’s like you doing suicide. You lose your self in your own mind. You live following pattern that your soul actually doesn’t understand and it will bite you slowly.


It’s not you who look yourself, it’s people who look. When you think you only have this one stuff, another who sit in the corner of poverty always think how lucky you have this and that. When you focus on what was missing, it almost possible for you to be grateful for each thing you have. Even the big thing would be feel like too ordinary and dirty for you. You could not easily satisfied for everything.


Otherwise, if you make yourself in opposite situation. You grateful for each thing you have and appreciate the small things, life becomes more positive. Your face will shine like the bright moon when you start talking and your smile will brighten everyone’s day. Those who don’t know personally will even talk about you. You’ll be more care to every little thing around you. It sounds very simple, but for real, the true happiness starts from here.


You may not believe this article partially. Though, you can get example by yourself by looking what’s happening around you. Those who rich and corrupt is one of kind who don’t know how to be grateful. They will end up in greediness and live in hell in disguise. At the same times, you gonna watch the poor children who dance happily under the rain. They don’t care about their leaky homes, their torn clothes or unpaid school bill. They know life is not easy and not perfect either, but they know happy is not that hard at all.