So, yes..
you succeed to make me think..
that I’m not deserved to be happy,
and my world should be in this dark room,
cold and alone..

You stop to make me in love..
since these last months..
and I’m trying hard to find out why we were together,
if hurting and hatred is all over us,
we have no respect in each other..
way too selfish!

sad girl, broken heart, alone, lonely, dark



I said, “if you can’t make me happy, don’t hurt me”
You didn’t get my message!
You were too rude and didn’t accept critics,
I tried to be patient,
but each time we start for another fight,
I feel like better to die,
I hate to get hurt for such a long time!

You always said, “lucky you to have me, I never cheat on you”
but, what does it mean if you always make me feeling bad?
I feel like met the wrong man,
You gave me pressure everyday..
and you still think I’m lucky to have you??
You drank too much, man!

What can make you satisfy on me?
You critic too much..!
on every little thing I’ve done,
You should know I’ve always tried..

Okay, I’m still not good enough!
NEVER good enough!
what can make you happy about me?
you forget that past?
how much I sacrifice for you when no one else did?
everyone ran from you and I was there,
since that you promised me a beautiful life,
Can you remember it?

You always thought it was my mistake!
my biggest mistake is not know you deeply,
my biggest mistake is to live with you,
so, now it felt like in hell,
and your conclusion is still..: I must follow your instruction, no matter it’s wrong or right
Hey, Sir, I’m NOT your stupid maid!
I couldn’t get it…

You said I’d never find another man better than you..
I guess you’re too proud of you!
I’m tired!
I give up with this!
I prove it someday!
don’t get by surprise!
I’m not that stupid!
get your eyes opened!