Why it is too easy?

for me to adore you,

for me to love you,

to smell you,

to dream of you day and night


why it is too easy?

for you to amaze me,

and set me in crazy?

it’s just a second,

since the first I met you,

the smell of you is wonderful,

your spirit is belong to me,

and now I can’t live without you


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(c) Pixabay

You bring a magic,

and you’re such as beautiful witch,

when you read a rhyme, I devotee my life for you,

since the first time then I find this flame to you,


and why it is too easy,

for me to believe you were made for me,

your magic formula works since its first second,

I can’t do anything, I’m about your slave now,

rest me for one chance and I will give my life for you,

no need tomorrow,

I’ll make you my bride by now