I have been so strong before,

but suddenly I can’t,

it’s a pointless,

ruin everything I’ve built before,


This was our decision to stop this,

you gotta leave, I gotta leave..

It’s over now.. it didn’t work anymore,


We were like the broken bridge,

couldn’t get together no matter how hard we’ve tried,

you were begging with a fire,

I told you we were not made for each other

and I know I have to move on,

I should have no regret,

trying hard to leave it all behind



I see her being with you,

I said I’m happy for you,

what we had was beautiful memories,

that hurt me so bad sometimes,

I just feel like it was something wrong,


do I have to be happy or do I have to be sad?

when you find her better than me,

at the sudden this feeling turn into a mess,

I slapped my brain with the guilty that I had to you,

I was so selfish and proud of myself,

but it means nothing,

you are happy with her ,

I feel like pretending..


You said I’m the most gorgeous

I can see it,

I’m much more beautiful than her,

but she knows how to make you happy,

smile and laugh… all the time,

and it makes me going crazy..

she’s the one that pick up the pieces,

after I dumped you like the second glass,

and make you start a day with billion blessing,

You praise the sky, butterfly and Lord,


someone better than you, poetry, poem, love


I was the perfect choice for you to solve your problem,

but she touches you softly and deeply,

and I’m only the witness,

how much you love her now..


suddenly I lost,

just lost,

feel so lost,

confuse, sad, guilty…

she is better than me!

she beats me!

make me feel like a crappy

Oh, God, I hate this feeling..!


should I feel this sadness?

as she replaces me for forever from your memories

as I realize I was wrong,

as I always thought I’m the best for you,

and nobody will beat me


or do I have to be happy?

as she loves you the way I do,

as she won’t let you down like what I’ve done to you,

and she will give her soul for you

should I have to be happy?

as I know you love her too..


Why I feel like a stranger,

why I feel like a bird fell from the sky,’

and I’m more than just torn to see you fly,


I’m torn than ever..

Why I felt so lost and surprised,

that I couldn’t find someone better than you…