“Call Me Arrogant, Selfish or Whatever,

In the end, I’m The One Who Never Doubt Myself in My Lowest Point”

~ Unknown

sad girl, woman, alone


People want me to surrender when my heart says no. It’s something inside of me telling me I still have hundred of shit to prove them wrong. I don’t know whether this is my inner voice or it’s just the evil or even an angel. OMG, what if this is just the mermaid from the old fairytale? I’m not sure, but I could hear this stronger than I’ve ever heard before.


Sometimes, I just don’t really listen to others. For me it’s not a problem whether they call me suck or whatever. It’s their problem because they can’t stop talking about me. Sad to say that sometimes people judge you without them know you very well. They judge your choice without understant the consequences and the reason why. The truth is people couldn’t see what you see.


People don’t always accept what you believe. They don’t see your effort and doesn’t understand your failure and how much you try. You suffered many times, people don’t count. They see your mistake and tell you are the sinner. You no need to explain them any, because when you do, you will end up disappointed. Expecting good deeds from wrong people will set you into another form of sadness.


Your Mistake is Your Lesson

Let it be yours when no one understand. All that critic storms is actually none useless. They are important to you to boost your mental immune. You will realize that you’re not always in the right side. But when you really do, you no need to defend yourself from those who even don’t want to understand. Save your energy!


At the end of the day, all the lesson is yours. It makes you stronger and even wiser. It also makes you richer and smarter than you were yesterday.