You have no depth..

and I thought we should not here together,

all things I do means a buck of complaint from you,

I know I’ve never been good enough for you..

but when I say good bye..

why do you think it’s not the right time, honey?

  walk away, despair, alone, broken heart, sad


You push me in this pressure..

one year..two year… I think it’s okay..

but after that, you gotta had me hospitalized

waiting for the death..


Can you stop shouting loud on me, please?

it sick my psychology,

“No honey”, you laugh..

If you think hurt me is pleasure, please just let me go!

you were never satisfy how much sacrifice I done for you

you wouldn’t ever want to see how much I try..

It just wastes my time

and I burry to death..


 Don’t talk about our past,

you were so sweet and made me in love..

but to live with you was my worst decision ever!

I should take time,

to find a better guy!

If only it’s not way too late..


 You set my soul in hell

no happiness, just stressful day and tears

I would never been good enough for you..

no matter how much I sacrifice for you,

You just couldn’t see it,


You give me another pain

and it’s hurt..

too hurt..

to be here with you..

are you sick or am I?