It’s an empty seat,

you were here,

intangible for me


It’s an empty seat,

I know how hard you try to get closer to me,


I know all of you lies,

it’s only fake..

and you’re late..

and I hate to be trapped… once again!

this time I said NO!

and once again I said NO!


It’s an empty seat,

how hard you try to pursue me and promise me,

your wound left still hurting me so deep within my pain,

not anymore, please!

I’m bit smarter than I was!

hope you understand it.. soon…


It’s an empty seat,

you never try to change, I will always be your second best

don’t you think I’m tired?

It’s a YES, honey!

That’s just enough..

give me some time to grow,

give me some space to glow..


empty seat, alone, sad


It’s an empty seat,

Your sorry is too much..

I couldn’t taste your love anymore,

means no more chance…


It’s an empty seat,

hey, that’s all!

what do you still expect from me?

to come back and draw new canvas from our past??

too many chance has gone useless,

turn off your phone and leave me alone!


 I don’t want you anymore, I swear!

my time to move on is coming

you’re just an empty seat,

an empty seat… an empty seat,

with no meaning

I don’t even realize you were there…

staring at me from your dust glasses