As the saying goes, Health is Wealth. For those who stay in hospital and doctor judge them for cancer, life is seems so hard to be enjoy. You will forget how delicious your favorite hamburger was, how exciting to drive your favourite new BMW series or how it feels so good to see your friend get jealous watching your latest iPhone. When you are sick, you don’t care anymore with royalty –want to try it? I bet no.


Not Easy to Understand..

But, it’s not easy to understand by people in healthy condition. We are easily jealous on each other with those who show off their royalty. We are easily jealous for those fancy things. And we are thinking to have them is much more important that have a healthy body. No, I guarantee, it’s wrong. Healthy body is important and it’s blessed from God that we couldn’t count on. More than those fancy things? Absolutely YES! Now don’t listen your evil!


The Fact is…

When you are healthy, you can do things you want to do. You have hug chances to eat anything and go anywhere you want to. Healthy body allows you to do everything best in your life: play, fight for your dream, exercise, walk around, play, jump, watching cinema till night, dance, dating your girl and do many things.

girl, standing, beautiful girl, grateful

“Oh… She is Very Lucky!”

When you say to yourself, “Oh, she is lucky. She has rich father, she doesn’t have to work hard to get what she wants in life!”, in different place, the rich man who waits the death, shorty saying this for you, “lucky, you are healthy!”. He knows he can’t carry his wealth to his grave.


Simply Remember…

Healthy is wealthy. Healthy body is blessing you can’t count on. It’s very important because when you are strong, the storm couldn’t ruin you. Well, not only the healthy body actually, I think you also need to have healthy mind to make things positive and be thankful for everything.