“Do not ever doubt yourself. You will lose” 
~ Nora Profit- The Writer 
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Nora Profit feels regret that she had wasting her precious years time because of her frightened. One day, after watching the show of Salome Bey, she decided to write about the carrier story of Mrs. Bey to promote her. She collected her brave and called Salome, pretending as the Essence magazine reporter. Salome agreed and finally both met for an interview. Nora realized she was lying, but she was very happy because finally she had chance to write an article and sent it to Essence, one of big national magazine for the first time. She wrote it out carefully, tried to reedit couple times to get the best of her and make sure it’s worthy to read. 
After she sent the articles through mail, she suddenly realized it was a mistake. She didn’t ever write any article. It was easy to lying on Salome, but pretended to write for Essence was disaster. She said her self that few weeks or few months, she would get the replied letter saying her article was the worst ever.
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Three weeks later, she received the reply. Her manuscript returned to her address, with an envelope with her own handwriting. “It’s humiliation. How stupid me! How could I involve myself in the world of authorship and compete with professional writer?”, said her. She didn’t open the envelope, she was too afraid reading the rejection letter. She throw the envelope away to her cupboard. 
Five years later, she prepared her self to move to Sacramento. She clean the appartement and she surprised founding letter addressed to her address with her own handwriting. “What letter is it? Why I send letter for my self”. She opened the letter, she find a piece of paper wrote by the editor: 

Dear Nora Profit,Your story about Salome Bey is very remarkable. We need additional quotes. Please add that quotation and immediately returned this article. We would like to publish your story in the next edition

She was very shock about it. It took quite long time to get up from that shock. She lost at least $500 and opportunity to see her articles appear in big magazine. The most important thing, her frightened makes her lost years living to be the productive writer, her favorite work. When she remembered this incident she gets the important lesson: “Do not ever doubt yourself. You will lose!”