“Ayah, Mengapa Aku Berbeda??” or “Dad, why am I different??” is one of most touching movie I ever seen. It’s an Indonesian best seller novel based on.


There was a man accompanied his wife for delivery their first baby in hospital. That woman gave birth to beautiful baby girl after complicated maternity process which cause her died. The man was very deeply hurt, but he tried to be strong because his wife gave him a beautiful baby girl. The baby named “Angel”, same like her mother’s name.


When Angel was three years old, his father realized there was something wrong with Angel. She didn’t response to voice and even never said anything like normally three years old kids. She was very silent and passive. His dad and grandma brought her to doctor and they were very shocked founding their girl were dumb and deaf since birth.

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His father and grandmother decided to buy her a hearing aid for dumb and deaf. Slowly, Angel responded to voice and learnt to say something. It was not easy for her, but her father did not give up. He was very happy that finally listen her first word from his daughter and saw her smile happily. He taught her playing piano to make his girl happy and more responsive to voice and music. Angel loved it. Day by day, piano is Angel’s best friend. She always plays piano anytime of the day at home.

When she grew up, her dad sent her to School for Disabilities. In that school, she doesn’t feel different because all of her friends were dumb and deaf too and they learnt how to communicate on their own way, also learnt science. After couple semester, her teacher advised her dad to send Angel to general school because teacher thought Angel is very special and smart, eventhough she couldn’t speak and listen like the normal girl.


 After tough discussion, finally her dad and grandmother agreed bring her to general school on Jakarta. Jakarta is modern city on Indonesia. Comparing to her previous place, Jakarta will be more difficult for her to stay and associate with others. People will not as friendly as on her old place too. But her dad believed Angel will be able to pass it.


Once Angel enrolled for the school, the headmaster rejected her for her disability. Her dad convinced the headmaster to accept her in intense conversation. The headmaster decided to examined Angel. After examination, the headmaster know this girl was very potention, so finally school accept her with the short agreement that Angel will be dropped out if she couldn’t learn as well as normal student.


 Things go smooth. It’s great because Angel can study as well as normal student. At school, many students under estimated her and sometimes do bullied her, attacked her and hurt her. One moment, group of friends injured her hands and fingers so that she couldn’t play piano for a while. She often cried for it, but it won’t stop her. She also continued to play piano and even working part time as pianist at cafe.

daddy, daughter, parenting, relationship

One day, she joined to Pianist Festival Competition to play classic piano. She was doubt her self because she never play classic piano, but her music teacher told her that she can make it and willing to guide her. Challenge accepted!


 When she would go on stage, her enemy at school bullied her by smearing her face using lipstick and weird make up. Her face turned into the clown! She was looks so mess and dull and people laughed on her when she first appeared on stage. She cried, but show must go on. She played the classic piano with tears on her face and awkward make up. One two three.. Piano was played. She played it very well,  the melody was smoothly touching and hypnotizes people. People didn’t care anymore with her awkward make up after she successfully show her talent through the beautiful composition in the twang of piano. Audience stood up and clapped their hands. In the end, she won this festival!


*Moral of The Story:




Whoever you are, you can make your dream comes true and jumps anywhere you want to. You have to believe in yourself. Don’t curse yourself for your weakness. Nobody’s perfect! Living in silence told Angel many things about life. She is same like all of us, but she may stronger in facing problem than anyone else.