“No language can express the power and beauty and heroism of a mother’s love.”

~ Thomas C. Haliburton

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Some people think modern mother has less love to their children because they were way too busy with their stuff. Well, in fact, it couldn’t be right. Yes, you’ll meet some ambitious women who think career first. However, trust me, that’s just small percentage of many wonderful women out there. If you open your eyes wider, you’ll meet more and more wonderful woman, tough housewife, affectious mother and attractive personality in single woman.


Gadget makes people busy. It does diver mother’s attention from the children too sometimes. I can guarantee that it’s not a signal of woman lose her powerful love to the children. Gadget bring some toxic indeed, at the same time, it’s cool tool for clever mother to dig more information to learn parenting and improve her knowledge on housewife, gardening, knowing children issue, health issue and how to look beautiful despite all the chores.


Learn to give more appreciation to your woman. They may make mistake to be careless sometimes. Actually, they only need somebody to hold them more often, listen them more often, to listen to her rant and they also are an individual who need a ‘me time’. It doesn’t mean they have no flaw. They have flaws, that you should remind her any single time without trying to push her down.


Is there any bad mother? Yes, you’re the witness of some. Those who has problem with their self-concept or sink into mentality problem will become terrible mother. It’s not your job to harm her and make her feeling even worse. You can tell her, help her and remind her how beautiful they are and make them having a better personality. Judging them won’t make them become good person in five minutes. But if you can show you do care and you open your arm for her, she will change. Every woman sometimes only need inspiration and understanding.