“Regret is not in my Dictionary”

~ Kareena Kapoor –a Bollywood Actress

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Most of organized people always make a good plan for their tomorrow. How good the plan is, PLAN is STILL ONLY PLAN. We would never know what happen tomorrow until the day comes. We can’t control things will happen in the future because we are only human. At least, a good plan can help you avoid the worst possibility thing occurred. When everything seems run out of our plan away and we felt like it was a mistake, it’s time to have a positive thinking.


Don’t Regret It!

Always, regret makes you feeling worse. It’s like you’ve just made stupid mistake that should never exist. But hey, if you haven’t tried it, you will never know, right? Never have any brave to try is even worst failure and strategy. As Mark Zuckerberg said, taking no risk is the biggest risk. It’s the only thing to guarantee you to not moving forward.


Things to do, when you feel like consecutive failures hit you, do not lose faith. Failure is just another thing. Regret makes you feeling worst and stuck and you heart gone nowhere. So, instead of giving up, it’s better for you to arrange another plan since you know you still have tommorow. In each try you have hope. Just do it because some will fail and some will work. When it works, it will boost you and let you know something, “See, you can do this, right? Come on do it one more time”.


To make a progress in your life, regret is one variant to let you down. You always have choice, whether to hold it thight, or let it go and start something new. Of course the second chance is much better for you and will let you to be happier!