“You can be different person when you’re madly in love.”

~ Redva Kaurvaki

love, romance



Love is blind, isn’t it? Yes! Shorty, because it doesn’t have eyes. No wonder, when the two fall in love, sometimes they don’t put their logic nor listen to other. Whatever you feel is just beautiful.. BEAU-TI-FUL.. B-E-A-U-T-i-F-U-L!


All that you see about her/him is good and nice. You know he were a heavy drunker, but you may believe he will change for you SOMEDAY. You know he were jobless and lazy man, but you believe he will change SOMEDAY, be a better man, work hard to provide you a good life and sacrifice everything for you.


Mad in love also make you a beautiful liar. You know he always treat you bad and your brother reminded you already, but you said to your brother ‘no, he is good man. I will make him a better man’. You know he cheat on you and your best friend told you to leave him, you said “It was my mistake. He promised to not cheat anymore”. Second chance?? There is always second chance and you can give him once if you think it’s okay. By means, you have to prepare yourself if he cheat you one more time –because it’s possibily to happen!


When love hurts you and what people said to you was true, you might cry and regret it. Regret why you didn’t hear your brother and your best friend. Regret why you believed him so much. Regret why you were so dumb for him.


Well… that’s love! You can be different person when you’re madly in love. You’ll be happier and cheerful.. most of time out of logical and don’t listen good advice from people around you.


Ah.. yea… No one should blame you! Love is blind. But remember, we have eyes, heart and brain. We may need to involve our logical and listen to other. Listen doesn’t mean you always have to follow each advice sent to you, but more to get suggestion and look from other perspective. Love is not always beautiful actually. It hurts sometimes. So you should be careful.