“I’ve learned that everyone wants to live on top of the mountain,

but all the happiness and growth occurs while climbing it”

~ Andy Rooney

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If you want to happy, you must not expect it to come from anyone, but you. You can’t depend your joy on your boyfriend, sister or best friend. Yes, they are part of you that create laugh and make you alive, but no, the real happiness is actually grow inside of you. If you’re dying inside already, you could never feel real happiness, no matter how many great people around you.


The same goes to success. If you want to have success in life, you must not expect it fall from the sky. You must start it and create your journey of success. So many people want to be like the next Dr. Seuss or Abraham Lincoln who inspired the world, but when they have to fight, they look for excuse and procrastinate too often.


Don’t Think It’s Too Early!

I know some people who wants to start creating their success in certain age. This certain age could be bad when you think 20 or 30 is too early. Some people tend to build the emperor for others on that age because they think they were too young and less experience. The truth is, people use you to build their dream because you don’t believe in your quality to build your dream.


You never know how long it takes to reach your first success actually. It would make the best decision to start it as early as possible. No means to become pesimist, but yes, first try doesn’t always big. Sometimes it left you being trapped into failure. But the good fact, when you start it early, it means you have so many chances in the future. You road is still so long, so you no need to be hurry burdened by this and that stuff in your failure series and you can do it with a lot of fun. Don’t think failure is too scary. It’s bit scary, but only hit you for a while.


Believe it or not, your best energy lie in your young ages. If you waste it too much by having fun for nothing, you will regret in the future. This is why you should climb your mountain as soon as possible. Because that moment you’re strong enough to head off each detention.