“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

~ Neale Donald Walsch

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Leo decide to leave his college. Her friends said boo because they believe he should continue study to get another cum laude. Leo doesn’t listen to their friend. He only wants to reach his dream and make a new breakthrough: to focus on his business.


Last year Leo started a clothing line business with his friend, Marry. He knew since the start it will make a great because the first try looking promising. Unfortunately, he and Marry lost focus due to college. It’s hard choice to leave the college because he only has three semesters left. After a tough discussion, finally they made same commitmen to drop out from college.


There’s no guarantee that their clothing line will sucess for the second time after vacuum. But Leo and Marry promise to walk together. This time they will put the best effort and spent their full time. They both taken contract of there’s no having fun before the business running on market and make enough profit. Remembering their royal character, it may not easy. Especially Marry is one of shopping craze kind of girl. In one occation, Marry convinced Leo that he can do it.


As the youngster, both Leo and Marry are in peak of excitement. They have learned a lot and prepare themselves very well. They also know about the possibility of failure in business but after their parent and sibling support, things get easier for them. For a while, they will get busy to mapping their plan and run their mission.