you only stare at her when I was sitting next to you..
you praise her like a million kryptonite when I always there beside you,
she seems to be so much worthy for you,
I’m like a crap!
sad girl, broken heart, alone, lonely, dark

(c) akirahbabe.blogspot.com

I couldn’t pretend myself,
I’m the first hurt when you were sad,
I’m the first worry when you get scared,
and I’m always here..
listen how exciting you told me about her,
listen your song which only made for her..
see how you fall in love,
you don’t ever realize how I look at you deeply,
my face was plain, you are the only in my heart,
expecting there’s a little hole in your deep heart for me,
Is it possible?
If I were lost, will you try to find me?
or you just don’t care?
I’m only your best friend..
only best friend…
you can find another me..
in Mars may be..