It is 00.40 am,
I was sitting on my bed room and typed an article,
I turn the light off,
and it is rain
I feel so blessed for each rain,
the water pouring down from the sky,
wash us with the feeling mercy,
make me feel so enough today

rain, water, poetry, poem

(c) Physics World

it is rain,
I raise my hand and pray,
“Lord, protect us! Protect my husband and my little angel.. save us from trouble and keep us warm”
I sank in the serenity and deep in peace,
suddenly I hear the voice speak to me softly,
“close your notebook, go to sleep and hug your baby girl in warm embrace”
This room getting so colder and colder,
I have been so busy lately, have very few time for her,
“Oh, God, please forgive me!”
I am going to turn off my computer now,
it is still rain,
and all I want to do is to sleep beside my daughter and hug her