I am a small fish,
but I was trapped,
in this empty small aquarium
I can see the sea near my house
but I just could do nothing
it is a far place.. very far place!
a far..far…place
that I could never ever reach!!
I have no friend,
really… !
I feel so empty and nothing,
I can see you hanging around with friend,
laugh out loud and knowing you are loved,
I can see your happiness,
your face seems brighten the world,
but I am here,
spending my entire life to paint my awkward,
I am even a stranger my self,
an odd!
empty poetry, lonely poetry, sad, alone, lonely, empty, small fish

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If I could wish then I would rather to be you,
a happy fish, a lovely fish!
have friends to talk to and warm family
no sadness, just the rejoice
If I could wish I would rather to be you,
able to do everything you want to do,
no sorrow but smile,
I am just the burdened of me,
my shadow even walks away!
no… I want to run..!
I want to run.. away.. from myself
but…….. I am just small fish,
God does not want me,
No one does not want me,
I am just small fish,
small ugly fish!
in this small aquarium,
in this malfunction,