Suddenly January 27!! OMG, is it true? Do I forget the date or time moves way too fast?? Well, I really get surprise like I was sleeping very long time and I wake… suddenly January 27! Last time I remember to write Merry Christmas 2012, but then I lost by the time, and… suddenly January 27! What to say? I know sorry it’s not enough to replace my “new year” post in this early of 2013, but have to say.. I have nothing else, so… Happy “lately” New Year, Everyone!!
new year post, abstract, motivation, 2013, inspiring post
Remembering this post title, I believe I’m not alone. I mean, many people do not feel deeply each moment in their life and then they lately realize time had left them. Time moves too fast, don’t let us to enjoy each second of our life. I’m one of you. Sometimes I feel so worse and separated because I almost feel nothing for every celebration or sweet moment. But I don’t want to sink in this sadness, so what I do?? So far, nothing! I go ashtray and still try to find the answer. I only hope this new year spirit inspiring me and courage me to be a better person. I don’t have special wishes, except sometimes I really want to turn back the time and fix my mistake in the past. But we know, turn back the time is real in movie only. Ahh… of course I have realistic wishes too!! I want to write more, inspire more, gain revenue more and more happy thought In my life. I wish nothing, but the happiness. And by today, I will be more happy than yesterday. The next  day I’ll be happier, happier and happier ^_^.
new year post, abstract, motivation, 2013, inspiring post
Once again.. happy “lately” new year, my reader!
I love you so much….
Be blessed and Enjoy 2013…. ^.0
Photo Credit: Favim