don’t ask me anything when I’m sad,
keep your mouth in silence,
stop your curiosity  or I might guilt to set you in pain
as I’m the perfect grief…
don’t try to catch me when I’m on my tears
I try to hide it from the world…
I’m broken anytime ..somehow,
but letting you know will be my biggest mistakes,
just stop your curiosity,
as I’m a perfect grief…
In my silence I speak,
how everything is getting mess and mess,
It’s getting bigger and bigger for each second,
it starts scaring me  for sure,
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I could not make up my mind,
and I don’t want anyone to know..
that I cry and want to scream out in most of my times,
as I almost meet my end..
as I almost end within my tragedy…
was and still, perfect grief was my destiny,
you don’t have to understand,
you don’t have to know,
let it be my burdened,
let me face it and make me grow  weaker,
well in fact I’m still so thankful…
I’m not commit for anything,
I’m not cry for every injured
it was my grief in silence,
It speaks in my world and people would not understand,
That I feel so lost, insecure and go astray,
It’s way too far… and no one can’t even save me,
not even Lord!
nothing but emptiest hole in my heart