It’s almost the time,
when I can’t stand anymore and wish to get out of your life,
I’m tired , deep down, and frustrated,
with all of your lies and misbehaves
I cry, well you don’t have to know..
I’m the hero of your life, exactly I’m not!
I give up, well you don’t have to understand
all that you’ve got, I’m the tough one
this just you don’t really know me!
I’m weak..
trapped into my valley and keep my pain in silence,
three years was full of sacrifice,
it’s enough for me to get off,
I’m give up…
as you expected..
sad poetry, sad poem, broken heart poetry, poetry, poem, sad girl, beautiful girl sad

(c) Favim

you said I’m a great person..
well, you never saw my frightened  above my own shadow,
you thought I’m strong and ready to die for,
that you can’t read me when I was smile in fake
I pretend, indeed…
I was pretending and act so well…
I thought you will know since you claim understand me
but it’s false..,
false… false and false…
to be with you was my biggest mistake then!
and it’s almost the time
for me to give  it up and show my white flag,
end of my journey..
end of my fight…
end of my sacrifice…
end of my dedication…
my salvation bag is ready to go…