“How can I ever put a price on the diamond that you are.

You are the entire treasure of the house”

~ Rumi

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 No matter what, she is your world.

Willy had a big headache day! His step mother had affair with her ex collage friend. This woman made her broken heart for the second time. The first time was when she had affair with his father 10 years ago, which made her mother died in depresion. The second time is she cheated on his father.


However this is the craziest thing. They are all more than 50 years and she has affair with a 10 years younger male!


Since early he has no respect to this woman. Only for Naina, her beatiful wife, who encourage him to respect and forget the past so he start to talk to this woman and learn to move on from past incident. But after this, he seriously banned the woman from his little family.


In a family room, there was a bull season among his father, him, his younger brother and his step mother. His step mother still defend her self though it’s so obvious about that affair acknowledged by some inside people. Willy and his young brother are the most emotional facing this. They speak in high tone like never before. His young brother even hitting his hand to table for couple of time. The situation is really hard.


The final result, his father would not divorce the wife. First because their family has reputation and will solve this in moderation and the second because they are an old age anymore. They will live separately, but would not divorce. The sons are still disappointed and hurts, so they leave home


Willy back home.

He has been so long never felt this complicated. His face looked so dull after the season and he has revenge with that woman. Naina knows it’s kind of difficult situation. She accost him to give some massage on his back and shoulder. She yet to say anything, but it’s enough to make Willy more relax.


“I can’t believe a woman could make that stupid mistake. I know their love story, and it’s hard to believe she cheated on father after that long”, said Willy.

Naina don’t know what to say. She really wants to be careful this time. She has tried to make Willy accept that woman, but now it can’t be anymore.

“So, I’m afraid too if you do that to me too. You are my world. At the end of the day, no matter what my life becomes, I still can smile and feel better for I know you’re beside me. You’re the most important to me”, Willy added.

Naina gives him a warm embrace, she said “You know I’m not that typical woman. For me, it’s enough to be desired by one man. Me too, you are my world and the most important thing. I promise everything will be just better with me. It’s just a small rock of life, honey.”


So Willy hug her and kiss her sweatly. They have been in relationship for 8 years before they get married. Naina is intelligent and content woman. She is also faithful and has beautiful smile that makes Willy realize she is one in a million.