“You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life,

but by realizing who you are at the deepest level”

~ Eckhart Tolle

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In your deepest level, God gives you time to re-recognize yourself. It’s all the crowded that leave you feeling alone will make you realize that you should understand yourself more than before. Your friend and all the glows may leave you, but you should no worry because you have something to hold: your faith.


In your faith, You will learn to forget and accept, and learn to acknowledge your effort. After the consecutive failure, things to do is not to blame your self, but to improve and keep learning. Failure is not that bad because actually it’s one critical step to lead you to your blessing. You will know this better than before, especially after you reach the peak of your destination.


You Can’t Stop The Rain

No matter what, there are things you couldn’t change. You can’t control everything. It’s not that you are getting weaker, but it’s because life has its own simulation that human can’t do. Yet, every failure means new lesson for you. You’re immuned to be a tougher person in whole new level. You can resist the pain and you’ve just get better. You may not stop the rain, but you can keep yourself warm in furnaces and protect yourself from getting wet. It’s like in life, when thing has got at the end, you still have the way out for every situation. It trains your ability and test your patience. But the result always amazing


Smile Because Life is Beautiful

Smile has its own power to give you some peace so you can feel much better. The rainbow start to appear when your smile getting wider. No matter how hard your life was, one smile could reduce the intense of your pain. You still remember how it hurts you, but you can forgive and have become one better version than yourself yesterday.