“Wait…! Wait…!!!

What do you mean it’s not working?

You can’t see your life turning around? Is it hard?

 Of course, it looks nothing like that, of course it looks tough!

It is an adventure!!

You’re an adventurer:  uncertainty and regression do occur.

Besides, easy were never be your style,

and the decline was a stepping stone to places you even greater.

 On the day when your dream ark arrive, and now is getting near and near,

the journey and regression will be within  your most beautiful memories.

Keep walking,

Continue playing!


NB: The Challenge? Problems? It’s way easy, so GO AHEADl!!”

~ Mike Dooley, Notes from Universe



jump, alone, fly

(c) insolitebuzz.fr


There’s certain game was meant to made for you. You was made to live it in your own way. Your game isn’t same like mine or your siblings, but certainly, it has some interesting point like mine and your siblings. You will like it, very like it each time you know it’s gap. Once it hits the rock, yes it starts to get you confuse and you think it’s not for you. No, don’t think so, keep walking and playing your game. It’s just one hard section to lead you to new level. Just like previous game you win over and over again!


I know to become the winner is not easy, but for sure you can make it more and more. You will love the feeling of become the winner. It does give you some pride and it’s the best feeling. Honestly, you will not win it in the first minutes you tried. You required some progress to understand how it works and make it run best in your method.


It’s not always work at first..

The first is always hard, as the saying goes. So, why do you think of giving up at first try? No, you don’t! You will make a more failure series to get enough. After that, you know enough to win every game. When the game is done, you wil give one more try to enjoy the start till the end, and you realize, it’s easier than you think before!