“If it’s a broken part, replace it

But, if it’s a broken arm, then brace it

If it’s a broken heart, then face it…”

~ Jason Mraz ft James Morison, Detail in Fabric

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You need a quick help, when someone ignore you. You need a quick help, when someone abuse and cause you pain. We live in imperfect world. Sometimes you meet the one who can treat you right and strangers who really act nice. At the same, you’ll meet the one who tend to be your saviour but stab you in the back.


Silence Revenge

Of course you can do the revenge. It doesn’t mean you will do the same thing to those who harm you. No, you know it’s not cool. If you do the same bad things, it means you’re not even better than him. Do a silence revenge that make them embarassed themselves. You must show them a success to held your head high. However, success is the best revenge, as the saying goes.


So you can show them that you can move on and your world still revolve without him. Hang out with your friend and let them enter your world deeper than before. Laugh till your stomach ache and let time heal you in its magical way. After all you have been through, you can tell him whatever he has done, you’re just become greater person, tougher, stronger and even more amazing people.


They Wouldn’t Show Their Sorry

When you showing that you’re just more amazing day by day, those who harm you in the past feel something awkward. They start to doubt themselves and feeling guilty. They don’t usually show it to people because pride is way so important for them. But each laugh you throw and watching you success really hit them. They hide their pain because they want to save their face.


May be someday they will realize their mistake and try to get along with you. If it happens for real and they show sincerety, you can accept this as you winning declaration. Mission done!