“Do… what makes you happy!

Be… with who makes you smile,

Laugh… as much as you breathe,

Love… as long as you live”

~ Unknown

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Life is short, as the saying goes. And time does fly. Recently I came across a random thread in Mylot about a man who regret how his young days gone in a waste. He was dream to be an architect but he wast so many chances because he thought of happiness during his young days. Once, he was believed that life meant to be happy and have fun. He spent most of time to club than study well. At the day of his graduation, he ignore the opportunity to become future architect because he knew he would be getting another opportunity later.


Unfortunately, it wasn’t that easy as he think. He had fun too much and forgot that being happy is actually simple. He knows his passion only for architecture, but he followed his friends to gain reputation that he thought giving him joy and pride. No, he was wrong. When he realized this, he tried to come back to the right track. He put more focus on architecture and enjoy his past hobby.


He tried to put some application to become architecture, but unfortunately companies would like to have fresh graduate or one with good experience. After months and years become a jobless, he decided to work as an administrator in trading company. That’s really not his passion, but he knows he had to do it. At the same time he keep learning architecture by himself, reading more book and do some practices at home.


You can call this unlucky because people don’t see his skill anymore as architecture. Especially, his golden age has gone.


One day, his college friend accidentally meet him and visit his home. His friend was one of the cleverest student. His friend was the one always said that he is smarter, but this friend was more passionate and persist to reach success. So his friend was surprised to see some building architect on his home.


“You’re great man. Company should hire you. You’ve made magical work like no one else can do before”, his friend said.

“Yes, but it’s too late. Even you’ll getting retired in following two months. I’m regret why I was so fool that time. I realize to follow my real pleasure at late age. But it doesn’t matter if a company doesn’t hire me. I enjoy what I’m doing and that’s enough”


His friend pat hands to his shoulder saying “I’m very proud of you”