“Be thankful for what you have.

You have no idea how many people would love to have what you’ve got”

~ Anonymous

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If you’re sensitive enough with what’s happening in the world, you will realize that you’re one the luckiest person in the world. You may not get everything you want. You may not have all those branded clothes and bags like your school celebrity friends. But if you consider how many people out there lived in hunger and under poverty, then you will know that you have much better life.


Too much jealousy is kiling

When you’re in jealous, you will easily compare yourself to other, feel uncontented and think God is not fair with your life. Indeed, sometimes your neighbor’s garden is more green than yours. When you’re not satisfied, you feel like you lose yourself. You stop to appreciate what you have and you easily get hurt for every normal failure, and silly mistakes. On the other hand, each celebration your friend have made was just hurting you. Even when your friends laugh out loud, it hurts you even more.


What Will Happen When You Put Your Jealousy Behind?

Do you believe that your life will change when you do this? Put aside your jealousy and start to appreciate what you have. You don’t have to become a religious one to do this. When you start to enter this new mindset, you let yourself slowly know how to become more religious without you mean it. You will realize that God gives you wonderful life and it brings you to whole new level.


Then you will find out that the world is bigger than you ever think before. It’s like everyone telling you everyday how wonderful, and georgous you are. You are loved for your act of kindness and people just fond of you more and more.


Could it happen to you? I can vouch you this is going to happen. Once you enjoy it, you’ll enjoy your life to a bit. You’ll be more grateful each day like never before.