Dear my  daughter,
I know you  are only 5 months fetus now, but I believe you’ll be the sunlight of my life,
You’ll be my beautiful rainbow after the rain and the dark cloud,
You’ll be the blossom flower after summer,
and everyone fond of to pick you up, but I won’t let them! 
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Dear my daughter..
I can hear you inside…
I promise won’t let you alone
I promise to always by your side, through the morning and night,
You’ll be my cute healthy baby,
I’ll spend my 24 hours quality time for you, make sure you get more than enough,
You‘ll be my enchanted princess of my life,
Everyone want to have you, but I won’t let them…
until time tells me to do so..
I will let you grow…
I’m behind you when you need help and friend to talk to,
I’m more than a mother, I’ll be your best friend,
I’m more than your mother, I’ll be your third eyes in this dark world,
I will let you dream, think, choose and fight for your desire, but here I’m watching for you,
I will respect your choice, but always ready for giving you great advice,
I will guide you and show you the right road,
You’ll be my array and I will let you fly by giving you a half of my wings.
I’m more than mother, I’ll be your everything.
May be someday I become so annoying,
but you have to remember, I love you more than you do.
Dear my  daughter..
I can’t wait the moment I hold you and see your beautiful smile..
I hope 3 months ain’t gonna be a  long time…
I’m going to be your mother,
it’s for sure..
I just can’t wait… to see you soon.
 Photo: My daughter in her very first day
 *I wrote this poetry when I was 5,5 months pregnant. It was the day after I saw the fetus through USG and doctor said it could be the baby girl. I dedicated this poetry for my lovely daughter. I love her since the first time I knew she would be mine. Her name is Vita.