“Best thing in life is
finding someone who knows all of
your flaws,
your mistakes,
your weakness,
and still thinks you’re completely amazing
                        ( Anonymous )
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Just like a fairy tale, it does possible to find this kind of person. Your Mr. Right is probably somewhere in the middle of your imaginary land. He is a gentleman who ready to sacrifice his rest of your life to accompany you and sing a lullaby for you. But he is actually only a man, who far from perfect. He is just the man, that loves you with all of his heart. He listens to you, and understands you. He doesn’t care whether you are right or wrong. For him, you are still that beautiful rainbow, you’re still that beautiful flower that blossom in the spring. He loves you with your weakness. He forgives you with your mistakes. He is just the man whom God sent for you.



Photo Credit: FanPop