You were so close in my mind
I wanna get closer to you,
I wanna know your name,
and where you live
Million years ago..
might we met in another life,
your picture were so clear to me!
a dimple when you smile…
were very familiar to me,
 Hey What's Your Name, love, fall in love, couple, pair, romance, flower
I’m sure we’ve known each other before..
I’m always watching for you,
if only you will stare back at me
my wish..
I can’t forget the moment of our first met,
I stare at you,
You were smile and say ‘hello’,
I asked your name, then you just leave..
I almost touch your hand,
but then you run…away from me..
I adore you..for sure
Hey, angel, what’s your name??
I can’t stand this way…
waiting for you all over again,
just to see your face and talk to you
Hey, what’s your name??
You make me going crazy!
I smile nowhere,
and laugh alone
and you were never too far,
nowhere but here.. in my mind
Hey, what’s your name!
I can’t stand this way!
this curious is start killing me now!
I’m going to haunt you,
until I put rose in your straight long hair
Hey, what’s your name!
I’m going to chase you..
until end of time
and the moment you understand,
that you are my boat, I’m your sail
we were made for each other
*Photo Credit: istockphoto(.)com