“You have one family, Charley!

For good or bad, You have one family!

You can’t trade them in.

You can’t lie to them.

You can’t run two at once, substituting back and forth.

Sticking with your family is what makes it a family”

~  Mitch Albom, For One More Day

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Miley remember the day when she left home three years ago. She was a young teenager, easy to rebel, wild and living it up. She just had a bad fight with her mother because her mother strictly prohibited her relationship with her boyfriend. It’s normal since every mother wants the best for their daughter. Especially because that guy doesn’t look like a good guy. He is a drunker and jobless.


So Miley escaped with that guy to prove her love. She made her family worried about her and confused in a mess. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as her expectation. Just few months later, her boyfriend cheat on her. He had affair with another girl and he did it in front of her. That guy just thought that Miley had just given everything to him so that he could do anything he wants. Her heart was broken. She can’t believe the man he love doing it to her.


With all embarrased she left the guy to come back home. She cried out loud and asked forgiveness from her parent. Surprisingly, her parent open their arms to embrace her. They were really happy to see her come back. They have searched for Miley for years and it’s really moment of joy to see her come back. They too feeling sorry to curb her too much and didn’t listen them. It was really touching moment.


Since that Miley realize how important to appreciate the presence of family. How important to listen to their appealing because they only want the best for her. Family is always the best place to come back. She made the stupid mistake but they would never leave her alone. She now has grown to be the better person. She learns so much.