“Instead of give up, you better fight!!

Always remember, you only have one opportunity to live.

Do it now, failed, moved on and try again,

or stop then die??

If I were you, I won’t waste my time to give up and killing the time.

I’m young, I had passion and determination to always make up my mind and do best what I can do.

Even this is a simple thing, but sooner or later, it give me a big change.

Tomorrow is started by NOW!”

~ Unknown

friendship, children


Don’t say ‘there’s plenty time later’for an opportunity. Perhaps it’s true there will another opportunity, but the situation will not be the same. Make every opportunity the same, it means just take it and give a try. More trying means good. Even every famous author like Albert Einstein or Thomas Alva Edison always advise you to have more trials. The more you trie, the more it contributes you to make a better achievement. This rule is ultimately true!


The young always have temptation to put having fun at first. Yes, live is only once so you should have the balance to have fun. When you have fun, don’t be too much, because in another pole of the world, there are some boys arranged their dream and created their future plan early. They have puzzle which randomly bring them to infinite dream and lead them to have more effort because they will be immensely success people in near future. The dreamer always act like this indeed. For them doing complicated things itself become a joy and exciting things. Serious thing is not serious for them.


So it’s just another friendly reminder for you guys. Do have fun, but do your responsibility as young people at balance. Present is indeed would never come back, but tomorrow need to be prepared as well.