I don’t know if this a dark poem or an honest word,
I’m not even sure if this about me or about other,
I’m just curious who really I am??
Who am I??
I’m curious if I were meant to be for you or not,
I’m curious if I want my life to be this way or not,
I never find the answer…
I’m not ready for this,
I can’t rely on me,
future seems to be blur,
tomorrow seems to be so scary
I don’t even sure if I wish tomorrow I’m still alive,
I don’t even know if I were important for somebody,
I don’t even think somebody need me to trough another day,
I doubt myself at all..!
I don’t think I saw myself had grown into the lady
I don’t think I would move or just stuck on this way…
I’m torn into pieces!
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I know you were not for me,
and I know I must be living my life alone,
I’m not regret nor feel disturbed,
I hope it goes on, but my heart seems already numb,
what about tomorrow?
for me there’s no tomorrow!
My mother had left me,
You left me,
my brother left me,
and God even did so…
then what I can expect for tomorrow?
Hope the hero comes and save my life??
No, this is not a fairy tale sadly!
It’s all been gone..
I don’t know if this a dark poem or an honest word,
I hope nothing for tomorrow,
send me into the cage so I can’t move at all!
because there’s no tomorrow,
it means no chance to grow,
my chronicle has just ended!
no time to breath, the light has turn off,
and I’m torn into pieces…!