“Relatives share the same bloodline,

but FAMILY shares your successes, pains, ambitions, celebrations, failures, values, love and so much more.

 I realize that many friends have become Family and some relatives just are not.

Analogy : Blood scatters everywhere, when Family runs together…

When I thought I needed “Blood” to survive,

I realized that what I really needed was Family”

~ Gaye Miller 2012

friendship, companion, relative

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Family is someone who knows you and still love you nomatter what. It’s true they share pain, joy, sadness, ambition and celebration all with you. You find love in them and something that burn your soul inside. Even they can’t always be beside you, they are the one you will always remember in the early and last of your day.


Some good friends has stick to you very close like never before. They are way so amazing create relationship with your soul that make them your family. They know you better than you. They lift you up when you’re feeling down and tell you all the stories that make you laugh out loud. You can go crazy with them and still have fun as well.


On the other side, you could feel family would be like stranger. It happen in some cases and make you have terrible feeling. Of course you want to stay close with them and make them feel loved you share. Unfortunately, things doesn’t go so easy. You are often missunderstanding and misrepresented. But it’s okay, it’s normal. Every family almost have this kind of case. There will be way out if you try to sit down together, have a warm conversation and commit to make the family relationship work like it used to.


You will feel warm and loved when the family has its family role which means to cheer, to understand, to be fun, to encourage, to give freedom, to value, to love, to celebrate, to accept, to listen and many more.