“I decided I’d changed my mind about home.

Home was not Pensacola San Diego Guam or any of the other places we might have lived.

In fact home wasn’t any particular place at all.

Home was my family.

Even if they didn’t get my jokes sometimes.”

~ Kimberly Willis Holt, Piper Reed, The Great Gypsy


home, family, house, palace


You can live anywhere. You can wander at any random places in the world. You may have fun in United States today and jump to Rome tomorrow. One true thing, you could never throw your family away.


Relationship in family isn’t always easy. Sometimes your brother didn’t get your joke. Sometimes your father act too much. And your mother may talk too much. At certain point, you don’t always like them. Even, sometimes you feel like you want another family or just live away from them.


If you are in that position today, I suggest you to leave house. Go wandering and enjoy your life. Just in period of time, you will really miss your family. You will feel like they are the best thing ever happen to you. You will try to understand why your brother sometimes doesn’t like your joke. And you will feel okay that sometimes your father force you for the good. Sometimes there’s missunderstanding in family. But sooner you will realize how much they meant for you.


What if you live in super-broken family? I know the teory isn’t always that easy. I know some people who come from broken family and have messy life. My friend has irressponsible parent. Her daddy left home since she was kids. Her mother ignore her and desperately hopeless. This kind of situation is not easy, even for the strongest person in the world. Her life is quite pathetic.


We can’t force destiny to be always kind to us. But in fact, this situation taught you many things. It makes you realize that you should not make this same mistake to your children. You should prepare your self better for future. You should be smarter in choosing life partner and so on. As long as you don’t lose your faith in God and good life, everything will soon get better. You always have to believe you deserve something better, then your life will improved later. You may always give up, but remember, miracle does happen everyday