After years…
I thought you really care about me,
I thought I was so much mean for you
but after she came,
the dust swept away by the wind blow
You always put me on first,
I’m glad doing things for you,
no matter small it is, you just smile..
make me feel so deep and sincere about you
but after years, after she came…
at the sudden everything changed
The moment we through together,
the way we listen to each other,
the way we discuss and debate till the dawn end,
slowly disappear..
You may never know how much I love you,
you may never know how much I care about you,
you never know how worth time for me when we were together,
you never know it..!!


After years,
After she came to your life,
such as misery for me, she took all of mine from you,
I regret of her presence,
like a stormy wave, I want to stop her
I want to send her to kryptonite so you had reason to come back to me
do I really have to do that?
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After years…
will you remember me even in seconds?
will you take back our sweet moment in a flash?
will you left her for a while and smile at me?
will you stare at my eyes and taste my deep down feeling?
will you sit down and listen my story again?
I said I don’t mind become your second best,
as long as you spent your little time to me..
I don’t mind become the substitute of her,
In fact I can’t live without you..!!
After years,
will you consider me as one of your life partner?
will you take me to spend the night,
 just one night with you?
After years…,
will you leave her for me?
will you allow your shoulder for me to cry on?
will you give your arms for me to hug?
will you?