I’m trying hard turning back the time,
finding it hard to move on and leaving it all behind..
It’s never clear for me!
the reason why you were gone.. 
Deep in my heart,
I still could feel the love you brought to my life,
It was the very first time for me,
you were the only one understand me very well,
You were the one listen to me,
You were the one makes me smile for the whole day,
we were fit on each other.. 
I was experience less, act like the innocent man,
you knew me, I wasn’t man who know how to treat girl,
then I just let it flow, without trying to give you more attention
every moment be bygone,
erased by the power of wind..
The summer has gone,
the last leaves have fallen..
You said it was your last chance to see me,
I didn’t understand..
but felt surprised and sad!! 
I wouldn’t comfort to spend my days without you,
I wouldn’t ready..
I knew.. I would not…
You had to leave this town..
I was breathless,
something in my heart said,
I don’t want to lost you
really, I sworn..
I didn’t want to lose you…!
I couldn’t hide my sorry..
way too late!
she may get hurt..
waiting for my response, but just an empty seat!
I promised will case over you,
I vowed for you.. 
“please wait, soon you will see me…”
you were always stay in my mind,
never forget you even in seconds,
soon we will be together again..
to continue our tale..
 pair, couple, love, romance, fall in love, stare, jab we met, scene
Five years after…
I jumped over seas for you,
walked thousand miles and through this empty way street,
became stranger, against the world outside,
my soul is in fire
It was not easy..
till I found you in a small home,
but nothing is the same,
you were so cold to me!
You don’t even remember me,  I recognize you even in a glance though
You said, “you got a wrong person”
I remind you our memories,
the unforgettable moment we shared on the winter and spring,
the laughter we threw each other when playing in the sand ,
You kept saying, “hey, you got a wrong person”
I knew it’ve been very long time!
I didn’t give up.. 
I showed you our picture together when we hug each other in the train,
You smile, but cry..
I see tears flew from your beautiful eyes,
You stare at me, saying “I’m married”
then you sat down, feel so settled..
I stare at you, you stare back at me..
I could see our love through your eyes still that strong,
but love is never enough when we can’t be together as one
I should be that man on the photograph..
standing next to you on the wedding stage..
 geet aditya, good bye, jab we met, love, couple, relationship
How long it was, I can’t remember,
everything remind the same,
in my mind, you were still here,
and today I still hold my promise,
hold this vow forever.. 
Our memories were too beautiful
I  can’t lie the age anyway..!!
I can’t manipulate the time…
I can’t stop it!
and when I get older,
right when this hair turn into the grey,
I will always remember you,
the one who taught me how to love and laugh
the one told me about brave and life
even  get older, I still always remember you
I will always love you to death
Photo Credit: Jab We Meet & Deposit Photos