“Love is blind, deaf, numb and mute, but everyone wanted to have it!

Love doesn’t have eyes to see, but it could find a partner of heart.

Love doesn’t have ears to hear, but I knows when others near.

Love doesn’t have skin to be touched, but it could feel others pain

Love doesn’t have mouth to say, but it knows  the thought of others,

So, love is truly blind, deaf, numb and mute,

but it’s loveable”

~ JW

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It’s weird to see my elder brother smile like crazy. He is the hardest person I’ve ever met in life. He doesn’t have many friends because he tend to be shy and silent. But these last days, he changes a bit. He smile more often and he is not serious like he used to. Sometimes I spy him while he was in his room without he knowing it, he was smile and laugh by himself. OMG, does he crazy?


So I call Albert, his game-mate and his bestie, to find out what’s happening. Albert and I are just like brother and sister. We are very close each other since we both kids. I can’t believe what I heard from him. My brother has girlfriend now. What?? He can have a girlfriend? Are you joking??? That kind of guy…..?????


Perhaps it sounds exaggerating, but it’s true, I think he could never has a girlfriend. He was too shy and silent. He could never approach a girl –I think. But seriously, I like how this girlfriend bring out new color to my brother’s life. I actually worry if he will be single forever. I forget that each love has its destiny for each person. For those shy people, they will find an angel who has magic wind to open their curtain and make them feeling comfotable seamlessly. My brother still hides it from me for months, but we all know, his changes and new attitude is actually telling us how he is in very deep love. He can’t hide this one!