“I don’t wanna wait for our lives to be over

I want to know right know what will it be,

I don’t wanna wait for our lives to be over,

Will it be yes or will it be sorry??”

~ Paula Colle – I Don’t Wanna Wait, Ost. Dawson Creek

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Love can wait. If this is true, then Tina should never lose Aman for this.


Five years ago, Aman split from Tina with the reason that he should put focus on study and he had part time job, so there’s no time for love. He makes Tina sure that it wasn’t due to anything else. He said he just can’t let her sad that he had not much time to share with her as how lover should be.


It was very classic reason, but yes, girl trust her instinct more than the guy. Just two months ago, she caught Aman with somebody else and with little girl. She was curious to find out who is she and what they do. Indeed, Aman has never contacted her anymore since that day. She was waiting for the answer and it seems so obvious that it might be the one and only reason.


With her friend accompany her to find the truth, the investigation begin. They start stalking Aman’s life to know the truth.


The result was shocking Tina. Five years ago, Aman broke their three years relationship because his another girlfriend ( hidden affair ) was getting pregnant. It makes sense now why since the first broke up he tried to hide anything from Tina and lose contact. It was hard to believe, especially because Tina actually still hope that this relationship will continue and her waiting is over. But now, unfortunately it doesn’t happen.


Now it’s real bitter. But at least, now she is not dumb girl anymore to wait guy who give false promise and make her get mad. It’s clear now. It’s okay to sad for a while because soon she’ll know how to move on.