“Every Man has his own destiny.

The only imperative is to follow it, to accept it…

No matter where it leads him”

~ Henry Miller

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He lose hope. He decided to let her go for it seems impossible to get her back one more time. He knew it was a stupid mistake, the most stupid mistake ever. He tried to get her one more time, but there’s no second chance.


Now he stranded feeling all alone all day. He just let her waste who once to be his biggest supporter. That girl succeed to seduce him. That girl called Rosy always try to get his attention. She touched him and show him that she was all for him. The biggest temptation for a man is when a woman gives her all. He doesn’t love her, yet he can’t resist her.


Right when it was happening, July knew it. It’s like she had strong instinct when it comes to his man. Unfortunately, this time was the worst moment to caught him in bed laying in a delicious moment with another girl. She can’t believe what she watched. She always believe this man was her hero and would never betray her for whatever reason.


Since that, July disappear. He tried to get her and find her anywhere, but he can’t find. He contacted all her friends but nobody knows where she is. What makes him regret most, July didn’t say anything. She didn’t angry or shout or screm. She just left in her silence. He thought that silence means he could get her one more time by forgiveness. Sadly, that silence means forever goodbye.


For his guilty, he left Rosy. That bitch*y girl tried her best to reach him but he doesn’t looking back. He felt stupid why was into her trap and let someone he loves the most feeling the hurtest ever. Everyday he waits to see July again. Day by day… months by months … and even after 5 years and on …. July never heard anymore. Yet she lives in his heart and mind.