“When my life is a mess,

when my world’s been turned down,

when my heart has been crushed,

and I’m wearing a frown,

when I breakdown and cry,

when I’m terribly blue,

I comfort myself by saying…

at least I have you!”

~ Anonymous

love quotes, love story, I have you


Mr. Hayes still doesn’t believe his wife passed away. For him, it seems like it was yesterday when they celebrated their 10th anniversary with his children. It’s the hardest moment in his life. He was feeling lonely when one by one of his three daughters leaving home following their husband. In that period of time, there’s still one beautiful woman, the lady whose hair turns to grey and lose all the smooth skin, to stay beside him to create laugh and fun. Yes, they were old couple, but never lost chance to make each other comfort and fall every single day of their life.


Mr. Hayes know this day will come. In the last days of her life, Mr. Hayes’ s wife always told him that death is inevitable. Sooner or later, it will pick her up since her chronic disease. She told him that in near days she would no longer able to accompany him physically anymore. Mr. Hayes hold his wife’s hand and say a short, “don’t….”.


He was broken to see his wife suffering on the death bed. He never show his sadness and show him he was a strong man. All of their daughter, son in law, grand-daughter and grand-son accompanied on the last day only to see how big his father’ & grandfather’s love to their mother and grandmother. They become the witness of how true love works very well even in your old day.


Each of his daughter asked Mr. Hayes to live with them, but he doesn’t want to. He doesn’t want to leave house which is full of beautiful memory of his wife. This place is more than just house. It’s their home sweet home full of joy, romance and affection. This home was built with love and their hardwork when they were young. Mr. Hayes was never been a rich guy, but he was rich because his lady want to help him to fight for a better life. His wife never complaint anything even when they were so broke, until the better situation come to their life.


In the moment of silence, everyday Mr. Hayes reminiscences the wonderful memories that never die. It feels love, he said to his youngest daughter, “Even when your mother’s body wasn’t here anymore, I can feel her watching us talking about her. She is not far from me, daughter. She is here. That’s why I wouldn’t leave…”