“I’m holding on to the thought that you’re not mine.

I’m going to look you in the eye, smile and say, “You’re not mine!”

then I’ll walk away, turn around at the last moment…

I said deeply,

but I wish you were…”

~ Unknown

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Finally she has to marry someone else. It’s hard to believe, but it’s reality to face. Sometimes love makes it last in an eternity. But sometimes, it just leaves you bitter and hurt inside. Frans learning to be strong. She tries to her best to not cry all over again when she comes to her ex wedding. It’s hard to not cry, but she had spent this week to fill the three bucket on her home with her tears. It’s enough!


She doesn’t believe that Robby will end their five years relationship like that. This guy with hot glasses married to Frans’s bestie. So, they had affair behind it’s a double smashes for her. After all of this Frans still can’t to hate this guy. This stupid girl said she loves him deeply and it will be forever. But hey, come on, he had affair, and it’s with your best friend!


In another side, her bestie has totally become the enemy. She has no guilty or even say sorry. It’s very disgusting how she only stared at Frans like she won everything. Oh Gosh, who can guess this! For Frans, she is more than friend. She was sister Frans. Frans shared everything with her, yes everything! People in office always believe they were twin sisters.


Now Frans only regret it. She hates her bestie and completely remove her. She took all the photos of her and all stuffs of hers. It’s really bitter how a best friend end up stab you from back. Frans still expect that girl beside Robby in the altar were her, not someone else. She is one of rare girls who still believe in true love these days. Unfortunately, in her dictionary, only Robby means the true love.