Six months ago, Neena still worked at our office as our office girl. She is humble, mature and really nice woman. She’s 25 years old, and married. No one realized how much this job was very important for her actually. She is workaholic. But sometimes, in a big company, workaholic is not a big deal. You have to be good looking and know how to pursue your boss or have high position at office. While, she was just good employee in silence, people don’t even realize she was exist as our office girl. She may be just a topic when people gossiping. People had something else to do, but complaining other’s responsibility was one of their favourite things to do.


Diana was one of the senior in office. She is temperamental girl, sensitive and known as the selfish one. Sometimes people know her as mature person, but when she gets angry, she’ll be the one who burn a house. One thing I regret was when she put her anger to Neena. There was nothing wrong with Neena, she did her job very well. But Diana gone mad when saw her sit relax for a while or talk to the employee in the break time. She acted like the killer boss who didn’t allow the employee to breath in. It was Neena’s right, wasn’t it?? Who said the cleaning service didn’t allow sitting down or speaking to others? It’s only her rule!


One day, Neena was sick. She can’t go to work as well. She got ill for about three days. Diana was feel disturbed with Neena absence and said to the boss that Neena was lying and Neena only pretended about her health condition.


Diana’s persuasion was so succeed. Neena was drop out of the office. I’m the first person who felt hurt for her. Nobody knows how weight of her burdened. Now she is jobless. Her husband was unemployed too and also temperamental. Her parent was divorced since her father marrying other woman. Her husband always told her that she comes from misbehave family and her father was kind of prostitute man. Before she get fired, the situation of her family was already broken, but after get fired everything getting worse and worst. Her life becomes much much worse because there was no salary for her daily life. Her husband was really stupid man, he only blame Neena every day. He had no shame, he never realize that feed family should be his responsibility.

sad girl, woman, alone



Four month after get fired from job, Neena getting more frustrated, frustrated with her husband, family and gave up of searching new job. Actually she have been working once again after retired from our company, but her family problem made her hard to concentrate to new job and felt so desperate. Her salary was very low, but her unemployed husband didn’t understand and just give her additional pressure. She can’t stand anymore. She plan to divorce from her husband and run out of town to leave her problem and feel new atmosphere. She hope it can change situation


“Divorce would never been a good choice, God even hates it. But for this I support you, Neena, you’re still so young, you don’t even have any kids. You’ll have another chance. You deserve for someone better. Follow your heart and decide it by yourself, I’m behind you”, I said to her.


 She cried. She asked me what was she has done until her life became so miserable. I said to her that she must be strong, she can pass this and everything will be fine. She wish to leave the town but I advice her to stay since I know exactly she was not ready yet for an experience in other place. She’s very innocent woman.


Every time I remember her, I remember Diana. May be she never know what happen with Neena after get fired and definitely I can’t blame her for what happen with Neena now, but I can’t deny, Diana contributed on Neena’s life. At least Neena will be stronger than she were now if she’s still on our office. At least I’m still on her side anytime she needs a shoulder to cry on. Now I’m getting hard to contact her, she sold her cell phone to pay her loan. She also has to feed her family since her father left.


 I’m sad, but I won’t blame anyone for her situation. I don’t want to be another version of Diana. This gave me some education about how to treat other. Sometimes our behaviur gave impact for other’s life. I know this just simple, but you never know how much this hurt anyone.