“You can’t erase the past!

You can’t even change it….!

but sometimes….

Life offers you the opportunity to make it right!”

~ Unknown

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Nancy lost her self completely. Her doctor, Mr. Adhy, didn’t give up yet. This guy still believes Nancy can get better and better. He even can see her progress when nobody else can’t do. He knows it wouldn’t be easy for her after what she experienced in her childhood days. Yes, it was 9 years ago.


That day, little Nancy, a 6 years old girl was the only witness for sadistic slaughter of her family by a group of robbers. The robbers entered her house in the midnight when her parent and her younger sister was sleep. She who first knew somebody entered the house tried to awake her sister who was sleeping beside her. Her sister won’t awake, so she hide inside the cupboard. She heard the heartbreaking voice from her parent room and became very scary. The robber came to her room and also murder her sister.


After the robber left home with all stuff they got, Nancy out of the cupboard only to see blood everywhere. She scream and cry out loud. The neighbor who finally realised there was something wrong on that house come to visit Nancy and watching her got all shivers. She has the most horrible experience made her looking so frustrated and afraid to face anyone. Since that, Nancy has mentally disturb.


Mr. Adhy found her on the hospital after he got his third award in health degree. When met her, he found nothing but too much fear in her eyes. The previous doctors gave up with Nancy as they didn’t see progress of treatment. Knowing this, he decided to take the responsibility on his shoulder and he promised he wouldn’t give up. This little girl actually reminded him to his sister who passed away when he was teenager.


Obviously, combining various treatment like general medication, music treatmet and pshycological treatment, Mr. Adhy has big optimism that Nancy can be treated. He knows it will take long progress and doctor must put their ego behind. She must be treated with patience.


Just months go by, Mr Adhy realized this angel hit a breakthrough. She started taking her pill without being forced like she used to. Her fear was decreased and she responsed to him and her nurses. It was not so great progress remembering it was occurred after almost 8,5 years long. For Mr. Adhyz, it’s a new chop. It’s something great for him as he had put so much effort on this. New hope has come and he believes to see Nancy grows normal in near later.