“To building and To making is literally DIFFERENT.

To build, you need time, good foundation and involve all of yours within,

To making, you can even buy the material from anyone, then copy it almost the same,  without much effort.

 To build,  you must feel the suffering, but later it’s a great art work,

To make is instant building & instant result, you can get instant success in a glance, but you can fall into deep at  the sudden too.

Which one you choose,to build or to make??”

~ Unknown


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Life is full of great choices. Unfortunately, some great choices are only belong to those ‘superior’ who can have everything at ease. They don’t even sweat out to reach one and another ‘glimpse’ of joy.


No, it’s not to discourage you. I would like to tell you that you’re in the rightest track ever. This is what we meant with ‘to build’ and ‘to make’. In the position of you are, you are in the process of building. You come from the strange place and tend to have nothing, but you have vision and you gotta give your determination and all of yourself to make true. Sometimes you lose faith in the middle of your road, sometimes you give up, and you only see the dark. For second, you feel like watching light in a glance, but it lost in a blink of an eye. But you never forget. You know you gotta reach that place with full of light. And from that day you promise yourself that you’ll fight harder and you’ll be more ready to set new achievement.


Always remember to fight more and to give more is much better than to wait somebody gives you buck of water to fill your pool. There are many snob people due to wrong usage of wealth. They don’t appreciate talent, effort and feeling. They were spoil by all those easy and fancy stuff before they know whether they deserve it or not. This kind of pattern which make this world full of jerk. They can be anything, but they forget to become human.


When you know this, you should have more smile that this opportunity to fight harder will make you the real fighter. You embrace your talent, you recognize your inner voice, you have empthy to many people, you have common sense and you know how to behave even after you reach the peak.