“We enjoy warmth because we have been cold.

We appreciate light because we have been in darkness.

By the same token,

 We can experience JOY because we have known sadness”

~ David Weatherford

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I couldn’t agree more. Sadness is really one of good teacher in your life. In sadness, you can see the real face of people. Sometimes they hide behind the mask when you were in the top of your life. Meanwhile, when you suffer and in real needing of help, they were nowhere at the sudden.


It’s about the girl, named Vetty, who once believed everyone loves her and her friend. She was one phenomenon at college that every guy must look after her. She loves have fun and laugh in craziness with her friends with less empathy to others.


Life has dramatically change for her when her father caugh in the corruption and affaid scandal. Only for weeks she has finally entered different life. She must working part time to pay her college, she and her mother has moved from their beautiful palace and one by one friends leaving her alone. None of them becomes her shoulder to cry on in the moment she needed the most.


For her, it’s like a doomsday. It’s end of everything. She is not ready to enter such as situation so that she is almost depressed. Lucky, her mother is wonderful woman who won’t let her daughter feel that way. It was surprising her to know her mother was coming from middle class before married to her dad. So now her mother becomes her mentor during the darkest day so she could raise and get her confidence back.


Vetty has the second transformation. The first, she transformed from careless-spoil- have fun girl to friend less girl, unhappy, emotional, weaker and easy to sad. The second, she transformed from that bad period to be stronger girl, smarter, wiser, calm, grateful, has more empathy, and care. After the second transformation, she realizes she should be more thankful to have wonderful life like this. For people, she has turn to be poor. For her, she is even richer because she understand life and appreciate all things she has so much better.