“Love is the way messengers from the mysteries tell us this :

‘Love is the mother, we are her children.

She shines within us.

She is visible when we trust, invisible when we lose trust.’

 feel her… shine brightly beloved”

~ Rumi

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Only when you have so much believe in love you can feel the beauty and strength of this quote. Sometimes we see some people to become love’s slave. For those who don’t know yet, it’s very possible this kind of thing happen. It’s not that people are stupid. It because love has its power to move people and change people.


When love touches you, it’s like you’re entering new transformation. You can be somebody new that perceive everything in better definition. You’re no longer those achiever seeking when he asked you to stay. And you’re no longer those with high heels when you know he is immensely happy to see you who you are. True love gives you real comfort so you no need to pretend you’re cool and want to show only best of you. True love gives you real comfort that make you show the freedom of expression You can get crazy and hazy.


What if in love you find it hard to show your best? It means you don’t reach level comfortable with him. It means your relationship is still so far away from looking its identity. You still hide something and so he does. You and he may still not sure about the relationship and still looking for another best option. When it’s just new, it must be still need more time to grow and bloom in your garden.


Unfortunately, if this happen to old relationship, it’s not good signal. You both forcing a relationship that wouldn’t work. Sooner or later, one of you would leave. May he find somebody else and you too. He will find the one to make him feeling comfort at his best and enjoy each second for it’s counted. When it happens, whether you or him first who left, no need to worry. True love know its time to launch. The best is yet to come.