What a phenomenon!!
something called “PLEASE HELP!!”,
they shout it out again, “PLEASE HELP!!”,
sounds so noisy like a thousand bats fly on the crowded of night sky. . . .
I don’t think it’s alright,
“PLEASE HELP” sounds like a trash now!
they’re young, tough and gorgeous!
they seems able to hold the world in their hand,
but then I just hear, “PLEASE HELP!”
they don’t know how to user their power and keep asking!
They’re okay and looks great,
I do hear that they laugh out loud and have nothing to do,
but then I just hear, “HELLO, CAN YOU HELP ME WITH THIS??”
they should able to do what they begging about!!
they don’t have to say “Hey, PLEASE HELP”
way toooooo boring!
I do love helping each other,
but seeing someone like you…
pfffiiiuuhhhh… just take my breath and let go!
you act like part of The Royal,
and It’s pretty weird when..
“Begging Help” is your culture,
“Asking Other” is your philosophy,
“Blame if yours were not succeed” is your life,
everyday is about “Please help  this!”… “Please help  this!”,
each minute is sounds like “Can you do this for me?”… “Can you do this?”,
and every hours is about “Hey, I have tell you this before, Why do not clear yet?! Oh, How Stupid!!” 
woman, girl, alone, standing, sad

(c) Favim

Let me tell you now,
before you ask “PLEASE HELP”, come on looks outside!
disabilities will help you to understand!
each turn, in a way one street,
old people fight to feed their family by working hard
their sweat pouring down like the rain water,
and they won’t begging for help even their both leg may disappear,
they won’t stop even they might hungry,
and  their eyes seems too weak to face the cruel of this world,
but they don’t give up..
“HELP” is not their culture!!
so, as you’re the healthy young, please make difference!
throw away your “PLEASE HELP” and “BLAME OTHER” culture
Stop complain!
do something more!
make  a change..
create new path!
So this is the truth :
You’re SUCK!
You’re TRASH!!
but you never realize!!!!
so you better go to HELL!!